Have you ever had a food craving that you just can’t shake? Try out these 5 handy tips (and recipes) to help you master your food cravings!

🧐 Are You Hungry or is it Just a Craving?

Everyone has to battle food cravings once in a while. Food cravings often occur when you are tired, stressed, or bored. One of the most important things when thinking about food cravings is to decide whether or not you are actually hungry. The American Diabetes Association recommends using the Hunger Rating Scale to determine your level of hunger. Physical hunger gradually builds over time while cravings usually happen suddenly. With the scale, your goal should be to eat when you are between the levels of four and six. This way, you are eating when you are hungry but stopping when you are comfortably full. Using this method can help prevent you from putting off eating for too long and can keep you from overindulging in your cravings.

👊 5 Tips for Fighting Food Cravings

When you do feel the food cravings coming on, but you aren’t hungry because you just ate, try these tips to fight the cravings!

  • Drink a glass of cold water or another zero-calorie drink
  • Take a walk to change the scenery
  • Do another form of exercise (running, tennis, etc.)
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Work on a hobby like knitting or painting

🍉 Healthy Substitutes for Your Cravings

If you are physically hungry and you decide it is time for a snack, check out these healthy substitutes for your favorite sweet or salty cravings!

Summary Food cravings can be extremely hard to avoid, which is why it is important to know how to manage them. Try to alleviate some of the cravings by drinking water or working on a hobby. If you are still craving something salty or sweet after trying these tips, check out the recipes above. Making these changes to your diet can help you relive your cravings and reach your goals of having an overall healthier lifestyle.