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We’re dedicated to the advancement of diabetes research, care, education and technology.

Dr. Anuj Bhargava

FACE CEO & Medical Director

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Help change the future of diabetes by being in a study with us!

Find A Study For You!

Education & Support

Personalized, inspirational, and fun programs focused on helping you live your best life.

Manage Diabetes Better

Specialized Clinic

Transform your diabetes care with the help of our team-based, technology-driven approach.

Transform Your Care


Iowa Diabetes has been a leading research center in the Midwest since 2007. Help change the future of diabetes by being in a study!

  • Receive free care from diabetes experts.
  • Receive free medication and free supplies!
  • Travel stipends for attending most scheduled research appointments.
  • Obtain treatments not yet available and contribute to medical research.
  • Gain a better understanding of your disease and take an active role in your health.
Find A Study For You!

Education & Support

Education is an important tool in helping you manage diabetes and improve your health. Our caring, passionate team members have built a personalized, inspirational, and fun program focused on you!

  • An interactive, go at your own pace program, that makes learning fun.
  • Choose a flexible format that suits your style of learning; Be it in-person, virtual, group, or individual.
  • Result-driven education focused on improving your quality of life.
  • Free resources curated by our experts are available for you to watch, read, and apply to your day-to-day.
Manage Diabetes Better

Specialized Clinic

Iowa Diabetes Care is a low-cost clinic available to those in Iowa who need specialized diabetes care. Transform your care with the help of our team-based, technology-driven approach.

  • Receive personalized care from a team of experts (doctor, pharmacist, dietitian, & more).
  • Available to patients over 18, who are ready & motivated to take control of their diabetes!
Transform Your Care

Diabetes Portal

Make your diabetes management easier with everything you need in one place. The Iowa Diabetes Portal is free to all Iowans!

  • Track your blood sugar, med list, appointments, & so much more!
  • Learn more about your diabetes with our reports, trends, charts, & graphs.
Track Your Progress

Have questions? Call us at (515) 329-6800 or email us at info@iowadiabetes.com.