Feeling uninspired to get moving? If you have diabetes and haven’t thought about trying yoga before, now is a great time to start considering it as a real option for activity and even blood sugar control! Some studies have shown that regular yoga practice can help in managing blood sugar levels. In this blog, we talk about the benefits of yoga and other ways to have fun while staying active!

So kick off those running shoes and get a yoga mat out! Now is the perfect time to find new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s never too late to learn about all of the fun activities that are possible. And not only that, but the benefits of staying active  that can help with managing diabetes.

Exciting activities to try:

  • Join an online fitness group. Being part of a group can be great motivation! There are fun dance and yoga classes that will give you a new way to stay healthy. Online classes also keep you accountable and help you develop a workout schedule.
  • Like dancing? There are many workout dances that are available on Youtube. You can even involve your kids with entertaining apps like GoNoodle. The dances are always different and can workout out many different muscles. This is a fun way to get your groove on and take advantage of a fun activity.
  • Go to the park. Sometimes an active lifestyle can be as easy as getting your tennis shoes out and heading out for a run, jog, or walk. Explore your neighborhood, enjoy a local park, or find a new favorite spot. It can be exciting to discover new trails and routes! There is no better way to stay healthy than by getting out into the fresh air. This is also great for mental health!
  • Stretch it out! Yoga is a very helpful exercise that you can do about anywhere. It helps with strength, flexibility, and challenges the heart and mind. With consistency, yoga can be very helpful in controlling diabetes. It has been shown to decrease blood pressure, increase blood flow, reduce stress, and improve BMI. Check out this quick 10-minute yoga mini class from Jennifer Wagner, a yoga instructor who appeared on one of our Facebook Lives, for a fun and helpful yoga routine!
  • Sign up for a race. There are many road races throughout the year that will get you up and moving. It can be fun to sign up with a buddy and keep each other accountable while training.  There are many races in Iowa and all it takes is a simple online search!
  • Try pole-walking! Pole walking is an up-and-coming new trend for staying active! Using walking poles can help with balance, support, strength, pace, and much more. Read about the various benefits of pole-walking!

Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

We cannot emphasize enough how beneficial an active lifestyle is for people with diabetes. When you manage your diabetes daily and pair that with staying active 4 or more days a week, you will can feel more refreshed and full of life. Remember, it is never too early to sign up for a race, go for a hike, or find a group to join.


Keeping an active livestyle is important! Yoga is one form of exercise that many people may often overlook. Try doing some yoga today to see if it is for you! If it isn’t, that’s okay because there are plenty of other options out there! From signing up a race to going to the park to joining a gym, there are endless ways to stay active and healthy.