Did you ever wonder what was the secret to getting diabetes under control?

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) there is a three-prong approach to controlling sugars:

  1. Eating Healthy
  2. Taking Medication
  3. Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

Being active may be difficult or boring at times but here are some ideas to make it easier and fun! 

Great Ways to Move

The ADA recommends that patients with diabetes or at risk for diabetes should get about 150 minutes of exercise per week. This can be broken down to whatever is convenient for you, but should be spread out over at least three days. Walking is a great way to move and get your steps in. If you walk for one minute it can extend your life one to two minutes. Walking for at least 20 minutes every day will burn seven pounds of fat per year. Using a smart watch or activity tracking device can help you keep track of how many steps you are getting in a day. If you have one of these watches or trackers and are feeling unmotivated try challenging a friend who also has one to see who can get the most movement. If you are a beginner or at any activity level, consider the program called Walk With Ease. This is a program that was supported by the Arthritis Foundation to get people out walking. It is an individual or group program, and will improve overall health, build confidence in your ability to be physically active and increase balance, strength, and walking pace.

Simple behaviors to change in your daily life to help make you more active include: taking the stairs, parking in a further away space or walking to get your mail. Another easy and fun way to be active is pole walking.

Pole Walking

Pole walking is just how it sounds! It is basically just walking with two poles. These poles provide support for your whole body, including taking on some of your weight so it’s less stress on your hips while walking.  Not only does it make it easier on your body to walk, but it also allows for you to get a full body workout as it works more than just your lower body. This results in more calories burned! Having the extra points of contact with the ground using the poles helps to improve balance. Walking with poles helps you to walk faster and further. Using the poles effectively engages the core muscles, legs, and arms. They work to improve your posture too.

Not sure how to get started with them? Check out this video on some easy warm-ups to get you started!👇

You can also check out our live video on our Facebook page where Trina Radske-Suchan teaches us how to use them!

Being active is an important factor in controlling diabetes. Walking is a great way to be active but pole walking is even better because it works more muscle and burns more calories.

Disclaimer Statement: This is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice. For individual medical advice, contact your healthcare practitioner.