Do you and/or your blood sugars get angry when going out to eat?

Going to restaurants with diabetes can be very overwhelming as it seems everything on the menu will make your blood sugar skyrocket, leaving you feeling frustrated with any food choice. With summer and patio season quickly approaching, let’s look at some healthier options to choose from at The Angry Goldfish that won’t make you or your blood sugars angry. 

🍘Happiness Found in Appetizers

Appetizers can be a great option to share with friends and family or as a smaller meal option when eating at restaurants. Here are some gold star choices off of the appetizer menu at The Angry Goldfish:

  • Angry Goldfish (Sriracha Seasoned Goldfish Crackers): The snack that smiles back! For only $1, this appetizer is a steal. A serving size of Goldfish is 55 pieces and contains 20g of carbohydrates. This is a good snack option if sharing with others or if taking some home to enjoy! Ask if the servers can put half in a to-go container and enjoy the other half around the table.
  • Spinach & Artichoke and Buffalo Chicken Dips: The actual dips are a wonderful option for a snack when going out to eat, however, the chips that come with are what make your blood sugars angry. Ask the server to substitute celery for the chips so that you can still enjoy them without upsetting your blood sugar.
  • Charcuterie Board: The meat and cheese options will leave your sugars happy and leave you feeling satisfied. If there are crackers or bread that come with it, ask the server to withhold them, or limit intake and share with friends.

🥪Main Course Pointers

The key to a balanced meal when ordering at restaurants is similar to what you would do at home! We want to make sure that we have a healthy portion of each food group by having a protein source, including vegetables on our plate, and limiting carbohydrates while overall managing the food proportions that we eat. The Diabetes Plate Method can be applied both at home and restaurants!

Here are some specific tips when eating at The Angry Goldfish or a similar type of restaurant: 

  • Ask the server to bring a to-go box with the start of your meal. Put a portion of the meal into the to-go box right away so then there is no guessing as to when you should stop eating. Then you get the pleasure of enjoying the rest of your meal at home and not having to cook a meal!
  • If ordering a burger or sandwich, ask to have it served without the bun to minimize carbos.
  • When deciding which side to pick with your meal, reach for a side salad rather than chips, French fries, or pasta salad. Other options available at The Angry Goldfish include coleslaw or cottage cheese.
  • When it comes to protein, opt for a grilled version of meat rather than crispy/breaded as carbs are abundant within the breading.
  • Salads are an excellent choice when eating at restaurants. Just make sure you read all of the ingredients and ask the server to remove any ingredients that may increase your blood sugar such as the crispy tortilla strips in the Southwest Salad. The oil and vinegar salad dressing has the lowest amount of carbohydrates, however, any of the available dressings are acceptable choices when used lightly.
  • If nutrition facts are not available on the menu, ask your server!

Healthy Eating🍵Delightful Drinks

Specialty beverages offered at restaurants often contain a great deal of added sugar which can counteract the healthier choices that we have made with food. The best choice of drink for our bodies is plain water, especially when eating at restaurants. Alcohol affects blood sugar differently depending on the type of alcohol and whether or not the stomach is empty. This can cause dramatic changes in blood sugar and should be consumed minimally.

There are some beverage options that we can choose to close the circle when it comes to having a balanced meal.

  • Water with/without lemon (Best choice!)
  • Unsweetened tea
  • If wanting soda, order a diet soda over a regular soda
Going to restaurants with diabetes can be overwhelming, challenging, and frustrating as it seems most menu options will drastically increase blood sugars leaving the person with diabetes feeling guilty for their choices. Enjoying a lunch/dinner out with friends and/or family does not necessarily have to end with angry blood sugars. At The Angry Goldfish, there are a multitude of options to have a healthier/more balanced meal when ordering. Some gold star choices include switching out sides to incorporate more non-starchy vegetables, asking to remove/substitute excess carbohydrate ingredients from certain plates, sharing with friends/family and/or taking a portion of the meal home to enjoy, and minimizing any sugary drinks. We already have an Angry Goldfish, we don’t need angry blood sugars as well!