Have you ever wanted to pack snacks for a long day ahead but didn’t know what to bring? Check out these tips and recipes to help you choose diabetes-friendly snacks that work for your on-the-go lifestyle!

🥕Snacking with Diabetes

Everyone knows that sudden need to grab a bite to eat, even if it’s hours before the next meal. Snacking is often necessary to help people maintain their energy during the day or to tie you over in the middle of a long road trip or shift at work.

If you have diabetes, snacking may seem daunting or confusing because there is a lot of uncertainty that comes with it. Many people are unsure about what they can and can’t eat or if they should even be eating a snack. It’s important to remember that each person’s needs are different, and if snacking is a part of your daily routine, then you can try to opt for healthier options to keep your blood sugars under control.

🥑 When thinking about creating your snacks, it is critical to use ingredients that do not have a lot of added sugars, trans- or saturated fats. These ingredients tend to cause your blood sugars to spike much higher than they would if you were using whole grains, fruits, or non-starchy vegetables. Many snacks can be packed in a Ziploc bag or in a Tupperware for easy transportation when you are on-the-go or not at home. With the right planning and ingredients, you can create tasty, quick, and portable snacks for your busy day-to-day routine.

🚗Tasty Snacks On-The-Go

Tasty Snacks On-The-Go

Snacking when you have diabetes does not have to be inconvenient or flavorless. There are many ways to mix and match healthy ingredients to make quick and delicious snacks that will keep your energy up. If you’re looking for easy, healthy snacks that you can create in minutes and pack for your on-the-go cravings, check out these snack recipes from Diabetes Food Hub:

If you have diabetes, it is important to know that when it comes to snacking, it does not have to be complicated or tasteless. There are a variety of approaches that you can take to create quick and healthy snacks that fit your lifestyle and make your tastebuds happy. By creating a plan and choosing smart foods, you can be on your way to making delicious snacks that you can pack for your on-the-go needs.