Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression than people without diabetes? Learn how to spot the signs early and get help when you feel distressed about your diabetes.

😰 The Diabetes Blues

From tracking your blood sugar levels to dosing your insulin to planning your meals to staying active, people with diabetes have a lot to keep in mind. All of this can be very overwhelming and challenging at times. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with your feelings and emotions as you manage your diabetes. 

🍿 Sometimes, you may feel as if your diabetes is controlling your life instead of the other way around. This can lead to diabetes distress, otherwise known as the diabetes blues. Below are some signs of the diabetes blues that you can look out for:
  • Losing interest in favorite activities
  • Feeling hopeless, irritable, or anxious
  • Overeating or not wanting to eat at all
  • Not being able to sleep or sleeping too much
  • Having trouble concentrating or making decisions

🤔 How to Cope with Diabetes Distress

Diabetes Distress

If you notice any of the symptoms above, here are some tips to help you cope with these signs of the diabetes blues:
  • Take some deep breaths or practice breathing exercises.
  • Talk to a friend or family member. Sometimes, it helps to vocalize your feelings and be honest.
  • Seek professional help from a mental health provider or therapist.
  • Take one day at a time and do your best.
  • Join a diabetes support group to learn from others who are experiencing the same symptoms.
Summary If you notice that you are having some of the signs of diabetes blues, make sure to stop and listen to your body.