We all know smoking isn’t good for us. But did you know diabetes makes smoking even worse for us? Smoking with diabetes can cause lots of different problems. We’ll tell you why.

The Increased Risks

Smoking is a well known risk factor for the development of many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Smoking also makes it increasingly difficult to manage your diabetes. It is associated with insulin resistance. Smoking also increases the risk of experiencing various complications from diabetes. If you are a smoker, we know that you have a difficult road ahead of you–but we encourage you to make a plan to quit. Below, we’ve listed some tips that we think will help you in achieving your goal!

How to Quit

Step One:

Make a pro-con list. Once you realize that the benefits of quitting outweigh the reasons to continue smoking, we think you’ll gain some motivation! (Don’t forget to factor in how much money you’ll save if you quit!)

Step Two:

Create a personalized plan to quit. By making your own personal plan, we know that you’ll achieve your goal even faster! Some things that you might want to include in your plan are:

  • A quit date
  • A method that you think will work for you and your current lifestyle
  • Removing temptations or reminders — like throwing away your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays
  • Create a plan B if you run into a roadblock. How do you get back on track?
Step Three:

Stay on track! Tell family and friends that you are planning to quit and that you would like their help in staying accountable. And remember to ask for help from someone you trust if you are struggling. Talk to your doctor or visit QuitLineIowa as they can help you formulate your plan, give you helpful tips, or recommend prescription or over-the-counter medications that can help you on your quitting journey. You may also consider participating in smoking cessation counseling. Research shows counseling may greatly improve your chances of success.

If you have successfully quit smoking, please share your tips in the comments below! Help your fellow friends with diabetes begin a healthier lifestyle too!