Have you ever found yourself sneaking a snack in here or there? Or have you ever had an entire meal even though you weren’t hungry?

Spurts of snacking are often caused by stress. This can be very challenging, especially when you’re trying to control your diabetes.

Diabetes can be stressful to deal with sometimes. There are so many numbers you have to keep in control such as your blood sugar levels, A1C, cholesterol, and weight. Sometimes stress from diabetes or other things going on in your life can trigger a desire to eat. Here are some ways to achieve mindful eating and to avoid stress eating.

It’s helpful to begin tracking when you start to stress eat and recognize what your “trigger” is. The next step is to try to find new outlets for your stress. This can include going on walks, talking with a friend, reading a book, listening to music, yoga, etc.. By creating new ways to relieve your stress you will begin to feel better and can avoid stress eating. It will also be helpful to toss those unhealthy foods out and replace them with healthy snacks like veggies, nuts, and fruit. Lastly, remember to reach out to friends and/or family if you need some support. It’s always good when you have someone there with you.


Sometimes stress can be tougher to manage than diabetes. Taking time to give yourself a break and do something you enjoy prevents getting stressed and stress eating!