Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, June 21st! We would like to thank all the fathers by putting together some fun activities, recipes, and gift ideas for the special dad in your life.

Find the perfect gift for dad with these 10 gift ideas:

  1. These slippers are perfect for those with diabetes who have foot pain. They are warm and a great way to keep your feet warm and comfortable. 
  2. If your dad likes reading, a subscription to Men’s Health is a great way for your dad to get some health tips and other inspiration to live a happier and healthier life.
  3. These kabob grill baskets are a clever way to inspire healthy eating. Grilling is a great way to gather family and friends together on a summer night. 
  4. Fitbits are a great gift to promote exercising and track your activity. They can also link to your Iowa Diabetes portal to help you manage your diabetes. 
  5. Give dad a new way to cook with this air fryer. Discover how food can be tasty and healthy at the same time. 
  6. These compression running socks can help to keep your feet dry and cool. No matter where you’re running, your feet will feel great. 
  7. Does you dad have trouble getting to sleep at night? Give him a weighted blanket to help him wake up rested and refreshed. 
  8. This fashionable bag is perfect for traveling with shaving supplies, but it is also a great way to carry around your glucose meter or any other diabetic supplies that your dad may need while in public. 
  9. This Hydroflask water bottle is a great way to promote drinking water while also keeping it nice and cold all day long. 
  10. This ancestry DNA test is a unique gift to see some of your genetic makeup and find relatives you may have never met before! 

Try these fresh recipes:

  • 🧀Breakfast Ham and Cheese Quiche: Start Father’s Day off right with this simple but yummy breakfast quiche. 
  • 🍢Kabobs: Grilling is a fun way to get outdoors and spend time with your loved ones. Here is a recipe to enjoy your time outdoors, while still leading a healthy lifestyle! 
  • 🥝Fruit Pizza: Every special occasion requires something a little sweet! Here’s a recipe for a fruit pizza- healthy and yummy! 
  • 🌮Tacos: Who doesn’t love tacos?! They are fun, easy to make, and healthy! Here is a recipe you may try this Father’s day! 
  • 🍫Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for every occasion- here’s a recipe for your sweet tooth while still getting in some fruit! 

Spend some quality time with dad by trying these activities:

  • Head out to the driving range

  • Take a walk around the block

  • Play a board game with the family

  • Play frisbee or another outdoor game with your loved ones

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Complete this outdoor scavenger hunt 

  • Build a fort out of blankets and pillows

  • Follow a tradition that he did with his dad!


Happy Father’s Day!