There are several different types of injection aids available, and they cover a number of problems that people with diabetes may face.

There are aids that address needle anxiety, dexterity, organization, pain relief, safety, and visual impairment, along with aids that can help educate the user.

Insulin Vial Aids

📌 Ambi-Tray

This is a small rubber tray that can be used to hold 2 vials of insulin upright. This can be used to keep your insulin vials organized and upright in the fridge while also making it easier to draw up your insulin as you are not needing to hold the vial in one hand.

📌 Insul-cap

These are colorful caps that can be added to the top of insulin vials to help differentiate different types of insulin. There is also a needle guide within the cap that can assist with drawing up your insulin.

Syringe Aids

📌 Autojet

The Autoject is a device that delivers insulin with the push of a single button. Not only does it inject insulin, but it also hides the needle from the user’s sight and has an audible indicator to alert the user when the insulin dose is completed. There are 3 versions of this device and they are compatible with most syringes.

📌 Inject-Ease

This is a device that makes it easier to hold onto the syringe while administering insulin. You simply insert your insulin syringe into the device and you are able to administer insulin with the push of a button while the needle remains out of sight.

syringe aids

Pen Injectors

📌 Insulcheck

This device is a timer that reminds you of the last time that you took your insulin. It is designed to provide additional grip for the insulin pen and will fit most of them, including other diabetic injectable pens. There is also a flashing light to remind you when it is time to take your insulin. Newer models allow for Bluetooth connection to connect to healthcare apps and alert you when temperatures are getting too high or too low.

📌 Diasecure

This is an all-in-one carrying case for insulin pens. This case contains a compartment for oral medications, a clip for an insulin pen, and 2 areas for new and used pen needles. This allows you to keep all the necessary supplies with you without having the burden of bulky bags or boxes.

Aids for Kids

📌 Buzzy

Buzzy is a child-friendly bumble bee or ladybug that takes the sting away from insulin injections. This product produces a slight vibration and cold sensation while insulin is being injected to help distract the child from the injection. This company also provides a distraction pack for families that are new to insulin to help parents and their kids navigate insulin administration. There is also a non-animal design available for those older kids who may be needing some distraction from injections. Buzzy can also be used for general vaccinations, which can take the stress out of visiting the doctor.

📌 Jerry the Bear

This is a teddy bear that can be used to help teach children about how to manage diabetes. Not only is Jerry adorable, kids can practice checking blood glucose, using syringes, and using an insulin pump on Jerry. An interactive app allows for opportunities to make healthy food choices and utilize Jerry for multiple learning opportunities.


Visual aids

📌 Prodigy Count a Dose

This is a device that can help patients with visual impairments ensure that they are safely dosing their insulin. The Count a Dose device holds 1-2 vials of insulin and helps align the needle with the vial. As you draw up the insulin, the device clicks with each unit of insulin that is drawn up.

📌 Magni-Guide

The Magni-Guide is a device that connects to your vial of insulin and syringe to increase stability while completing injections. The device also has a magnifying glass that makes it easier to see the scale on the insulin syringe. While Eli Lilly vials work best, this can be used for all vials.

Summary While insulin injections can be daunting, there are several items that can be used to take away some of the fear. While we have listed multiple options that are commercially available, there are plenty of other options if you haven’t found one that meets your needs. Do some research to find a product that works best for you!