We’ve all heard drinking water a day is healthy. But do you know how healthy? According to WebMD, staying hydrated can help you lose weight, energize your muscles, freshen your skin, and even lower your blood sugar levels.

It is recommended that the average person get about 8 glasses of water per day. This can increase based on exercise, temperature and health conditions.

More Flavor, More Fun

Filling up on plain old water gets real boring, real fast. Especially if you are drinking the 8 glasses a day. That’s why we’ve rounded up nine delicious, low-sugar flavored water recipes that can turn your ho-hum H20 into a healthy and refreshing treat. Below are some recipes that will help you ditch the soda, and keep your blood sugars stable.

Try These Recipes!

Summary These recipes will have you wanting more and can save you from those sugary drinks that will raise your blood sugars. Stay hydrated with flavor!

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