Living with someone who has diabetes can be a challenge at times. It can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming, but there are three key things that can help make it easier. The most important thing is to be there for them!

1. Communicate

The person with diabetes and those who live with them need to agree on how to manage the condition together. Will the person with diabetes be mostly responsible for his or her own care with the loved one(s) serving as a back-up? What role will the loved one play in managing the diabetes? Does the person with diabetes want or need care/ assistance? All of these things need to be discussed and agreed upon for the person with diabetes and their loved one(s) to peacefully co-exist and manage the condition effectively.

2. Educate

Both the person with diabetes and at least one other loved one should be educated about diabetes and the proper ways to manage it. The loved one should know how to test blood sugar, what to do for extreme highs and lows, and how to give insulin injections if necessary. Both people should know the general guidelines for healthy eating with diabetes and safe daily practices, such as disposing of diabetes supplies and proper exercise. One more resource we love is our Education page, which is full of helpful videos, articles, blogs, and more.

3. Encourage

Living with and managing diabetes can be difficult and even result in periods of depression. It’s important for those living with someone with diabetes to understand that these periods happen and that they need to help support the person through them. And it goes both ways. In addition, the person with diabetes and their loved one(s) need to help remind each other that life with diabetes doesn’t have to limit your life. With some smarts and planning, the impact of the condition can really be managed well! Encouragement and support toward healthy eating and being physically active are also very important for the loved one to provide.

A few final words

It can be helpful for someone with diabetes to know that they have somebody looking out for them or supporting them. Understanding the role a loved one will take, is very important it this situation. It’s important to work with your loved ones to establish your best relationship to support managing diabetes and make sure everyone involved is comfortable in doing so. Everyone’s situation is different and everyone may view support differently. Remember: Be smart. Be healthy. Live YOUR life!


Managing diabetes can be an extremely daunting task to do alone. However, it can become much easier when living with someone who is supportive. Through clear communication, education, and encouragement, managing diabetes can seem to be a breeze.