Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide, which is why all patients must have access to programs and devices that can help them manage their blood sugars.

Discover 3 new developments that are set to provide more assistance with diabetes management in the coming months. 

Pump Updates

New updates in diabetes technology are being studied every day to design more efficient devices that are compatible with the lifestyle of patients.

📌One of the most recent updates in the world of insulin pumps is the approval of the Tandem Mobi Automated Insulin Delivery System. The new device is now the world’s smallest insulin pump, and better yet, it can be fully controlled with your smartphone! Some unique features of this pump include:

  • Mobile app for iPhone users, which allows you to automatically give insulin via the smartphone app.
  • A shorter tubing option that measures about five inches, in addition to the already 30+ infusion sites and tubing length options that exist for Tandem pump users.


📌Another recent update with insulin pumps is the new creation of the Twiist Automated Delivery System. This device is the first pump that can specifically measure each dose of insulin delivered, which allows for better flexibility of insulin delivery. The new Twiist pump includes the following components that help you monitor and take control of your blood sugars: 

  • An automated insulin pump that measures the amount and speed of each dose to provide more accurate insulin dosing, in microdoses.
  • Compatibility with the Tidepool Loop algorithm, which is a program that can automatically adjust insulin doses based on the CGM readings.
  • Ability to pick the type of carb you are dosing insulin for, whether it is a fast-acting carb or a higher fat and protein carb.

What’s new with CGM’s?


There is a new CGM that will be sold over-the-counter without requiring a prescription. The Stelo CGM by Dexcom is meant for patients with diabetes who are not using insulin and who do not have frequent low blood sugars. It will be available in the summer of 2024. This new device will record data for 15 days, require a shorter warm-up period, and exclude some of the critical alarms that are important for insulin users to have. This provides a great opportunity for people with type 2 diabetes to gain more accessible and affordable ways to monitor their blood sugars and take control of their diabetes.

More recently, there have been new additions in the area of insulin pumps including the Tandem Mobi Automated Insulin Delivery System and the Twiist Automated Delivery System. Along with these new devices, Dexcom has also created Stelo, the first continuous glucose monitor that can be sold over-the-counter without requiring a prescription. The invention of these new devices is a critical new development in how patients are monitoring their blood sugars, and they are changing the way we manage diabetes for the better.