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What is a study?

  • A clinical study is a way of researching new medications or devices. Each study has its own criteria (such as age range, type of diabetes, etc.). You must meet those criteria to be part of a specific study.
  • At Iowa Diabetes, we conduct many different studies each year. So if you don’t qualify for a current study, you may qualify for one in the future.
  • If you qualify for a clinical study, you’ll try a new medication or device that may not yet be available to the public. You’ll meet with a study coordinator and doctor at our West Des Moines office multiple times for monitoring. On average, studies last for one year.
  • By participating in a study, you’ll receive free medication, free medical care and money to cover your travel expenses. And you’ll be helping to improve the future of diabetes treatment.

Interested in Research?

If you want to see if you qualify for a study, share your information and we will contact you. Want to speak with someone immediately? Call (515) 329-5690.

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I am part of a study that Iowa Diabetes Research is doing, it’s a once weekly injection that I do. I have lost 42 pounds and lowered my A1c to 5.8% since the study started. My outlook is a whole lot brighter than it was, and I want to continue losing weight and getting healthier.

Tammy S. - Iowa Diabetes Patient

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